Death Spell To Kill Enemy

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Kill Enemy By Death Spell

We in our daily life face many problems from others. Some might be less harmful and others might be severe. But if you are facing severe attacks because of someone’s ill thoughts and motives then there is no way you should let them go. For this you must be very sure about the person. If you don’t know who he/she is then to find it out you can use black magic. Black art is a form through which you can find out the actual person behind all the problems caused in your life. But if you are in grave danger because of your enemy and the only way out is to finish the effects of the spells on you, and if this can be ended only by killing your enemy, then you must go for the “death spell to kill enemy”. In some cases, the effects of the spells on you can be finished only by the death of the doer. In this case, the spells are so strong that the person who does it, can only be the finisher of it. So, you must use the “death spell to kill enemy” to finish all the harmful effects of the black magic spells on you.


How this death spell works?

The death spell is a very strong black magic. It can also be called as ‘maran mantra’. The “death spell to kill enemy” is used to either kill the person or to give troubles to the extent of death bed. It is used as the ultimate weapon to destroy and punish your enemy. These mantras can be used as the self protection power when your enemy has harmed you to the extent where no one can save you from these spells. It is a very powerful mantra and  this must be performed under some steps. You must follow these steps very carefully or else the black magic death spell will not work out.

Some steps to be followed while performing the “death spell to kill enemy” are:

First find a quite and isolated place to perform the ritual. For this an isolated cemetery is best.

Then you will need to make a circle of red sindoor and white rice powder.

After that lit 9 red candles placing around the circle.

Then write the name of your enemy on a white sheet of paper.

Make a voodoo doll implicating your enemy and bring some used thing of the person. Then wrap it around the voodoo doll.

After that offer prayers to the demonic Goddess by chanting the ‘death spell’ and taking the name of your enemy.

This mantra must be repeated for 1000 times and each time you repeat you must take the name of your enemy. This ‘death spell’ must be performed for 7 continuous days.


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Is the death spell effective?

The “death spell to kill enemy” when once used, its effects can be seen within 3 days. The enemy will loose all the control over you and will start feeling dizzy and uncomfortable. Then slowly his health will leave the support and he will struggle to survive. Finally he will have one major heart stroke that will take the life from him. This death spell will seem to act as a normal death for your enemy. It is found to be 100% effective and no traces of black magic will be left.

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