Destroy The Black Magic Spell

Destroy the black magic spell

Destroy the black magic spell

Everybody in their life faces problem with their enemies. But what if you are in the phase where only destruction can be achieved? What if your enemies have used black magic to cause harm to you? If you are in confusion and is outrageous to “destroy black magic”, then it can be only by black magic itself. The “treatment of black magic” is itself the black magic. But first of all how will you detect that you are into the grip of black magic. As all these happens without your consent, you will first need to know if you are affected by the black magic.

Detection and cure of black magic

You will be mesmerized to know that you can “detect and remove black magic at home” itself. For this you must keep an eye and observe if you are suffering from such symptoms like:

isolating yourself

acting weird in public

falling into bad health

don’t want to worship God, etc.

If you are finding such symptoms in yourself, then you are into the grip of black magic. But you need not to worry because you can “destroy black magic” at your home. For this you will need to find out the source of the black art in your home. You can do this by burning 10 scented candles and inserting them upside down on the front side of your home. This way the scent of the candles will show you the path of finding the thing, the souce of the energy. Once you found out, just “remove black magic” it by either burning it or by throwing it into any river. This way you will be successful to “detect and remove black magic at home” without any external help.


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Islamic way of curing black magic

In Islam, it is considered that all the black magic is caused by some invisible spirits known as ‘Jinn’. Besides human, animals, some more beings live among st us i.e. jinn. They are the evil spirits that can cause severe damage to you and the only way out can be through some Islamic ways. If you are thinking of “how to cure black magic in Islam”, then some steps must be followed. You can reverse the black magic and punish the person behinds by chanting Quran verses and lighting white candles around you at night. If possessed by Jinn, then exorcism is performed by the ‘Islamic maulis’.

At first you will need to take 12 water bottles of 1.5 liters and open the lids of each bottle and place it in the patient’s head (the affected person by jinn). Then chant the Quran versus by placing you small finger into the bottle mouth and middle finger on the head of the patient. Once all the bottles are done this way, they are closed and are asked to drink each bottle daily. This way the question of “how to cure black magic in Islam” comes to an end. The cure will “remove black magic”.

Breaking curse of black magic

The evil eye is usually caused due to result of envy by the enemy. Therefore it is the unevitable question  “how to break curse of black magic”. This can be done by chanting the “destroy black magic spell” in the hour of 12.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m. during night in front of the mirror placed facing the wall. You will need to light a red candle in front of it and place the mirror to the wall so that no images or your shadow can fall in it. Keep it for one night and all the black magic curse will be broken.

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