Mantra to stop your divorce

Mantra to stop your divorce

What is a Marriage?

A marriage is a union of two people in love. A marriage brings together two people who are meant for each other. Some people say that it is the unification of two souls. The matches are said to be made in heaven who find each other in this mortal place. But it requires a lot of struggle and patience and work to make a marriage work. And sometimes even after you are giving your best, there are things which you cannot control. Miscommunication and misunderstanding between couples is a big reason for divorces.

If you feel that the inevitable divorce is coming for you, there is one last option you can try. The power of mantras, spells and astrology is very powerful. Many of us in this don’t believe in spells, charms, magic, spirits, but they are very much present all around us. Many studies have proven the existence of other dimensions and spirits which exist in a parallel universe to us.

Reasons your marriage is not working

There are a lot of problems which might come between couples. Some of them are:

  • Unfaithfulness on the part of the wife or the husband.
  • Husband’s ignorance towards wife or vice versa.
  • Interference by in-laws between husband and wife.
  • Mother-in-law doesn’t like the nature of the daughter-in-law.
  • Sexual Weakness.
  • The inability to have children.
  • Misunderstanding between couples.
  • Doubts and jealousy.
  • Financial issues.

How can astrology help you?

Divorce doesn’t only affect the couple but the whole family of both of them. It is a very frustrating process for everyone involved. You can stop your marriage from heading towards divorce with the help of mantras and chants.

Some of the methods are:

  • Offering prayer to deities: Contact an astrologer and get to know which deities you have to please in order to avoid your marriage from heading the path of divorce.
  • Offering food to animals: Animals play an important role in our lives. Feeing animals can help you.
  • Pleasing the planets: The positions of planets in our zodiac signs play a vital role. You can perform rituals and offer prayers to influence the position of planets in your ‘rashi’.

In addition to the above the methods there are a number of methods you can employ to save your marriage. You can wear amulets to ward off evil which might be the reason of problems in your life. These amulets or ‘taweez’ can be self made or you can also contact a ‘tantric’ to get it designed. These amulets have to be worn by both the partners in order to work effectively and quickly.

You can cast spells in order to control your partner which is known as ‘vashikaran’. This is a very potent solution to all the problems in your married life. These spells can change the mind of your partner. Contact a good astrologer or a ‘tantric’ who can assist in you this process and you will see how quickly your spouse throws the divorce out of the house.


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